Urgent News

GB3RT REPEATER - The club is pleased to announce that the repeater and echolink NOV licences are now held by Chris GW0DQW at his request which he accepted, I'm sure we would all like to wish him all the best in his new venture and thank him for all the work he is putting in .  Thanks go to Ken MW0YAC for holding the licence since it's inception.

It is linked to echolink   and covers analogue and C4FM digital signals. Thanks to all who have got it running Ashley Gareth and Chris DQW and the others who helped us test it. At present, this is setup for analogue only, with digital coming at a later date. Have a look at the GB3RT Repeater page for more info on frequencies and on how you can help support your local club repeater in the Cwmbran area.

Please Watch this space for URGENT BREAKING NEWS concerning important events