Cadars is very much OPEN. all welcome
Informal members meeting tonight 01.12.21 please attend

for the two new enquiries this week, we are opposite the Dorallt public house
Another great turnout 24.11.21 nice to see the radios operating again  KJC the shack is looking good. To all those with the cold lurgy, get well soon..

CLUB NIGHTS are every Wednesday at the Henllys Village Hall, Cwmbran, between 7pm and 9pm. We also participate in a number of external events during the year. See 'News and Events' for more information.
Visitors are always welcome and we would like to invite members old and new back to the club

MEMBERSHIP fees are currently only £15 per year  at the next renewal date and £2.00 per night entrance fee. Junior members under the age of 18 are exempt from membership fees and raffle and only pay £1 per week entrance fee whilst attending the club. This £2.00 also gets you all the tea and coffee you can drink.